Saturday, November 19, 2016

Sarah & Brian Are Having A Baby • New Jersey Family Photographer

Oh my! What fun sessions I got to be part of!
I love, love photographing my friends especially when they have such amazing news to share!

You may remember Sarah and Brian from their session a couple of years ago as they were settling into their new home. Fast forward to last month and I witnessed yet another milestone- Sarah and Brian are having a baby!

Our first session was to announce this wonderful news in a fun way.
But just last week we met again for their baby's gender reveal shoot.

I was super excited to be able to capture their REAL reactions as they themselves didn't know until the balloon was popped and the confetti flew out.
Earlier that day they went for their ultrasound and had their tech put the news in an envelope. They handed the envelope to Sarah's mom who later filled the balloon with confetti.

This must have been one of the best moments I have photographed! Sarah and Brian really had no idea if their baby was a boy or a girl until they popped the balloon.

So, which one is it?
See for yourself 😀

Congratulations Sarah and Brian! 


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