Thursday, October 7, 2021

Heather + Conor • Morristown Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

 Just a perfect fall engagement session with the foliage at a full display!

I had so much fun photographing Heather and Conor last fall. We met by Vail Mansion in Morristown and wandered the streets chatting about their wedding plans.  

Here are a few favorites from their session!

Congratulations on your Engagement, Heather & Conor! 

I am so excited to be part of your wedding day next May!

Friday, September 24, 2021

Melissa + Paul • Ninety Acres Micro Wedding • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Melissa & Paul's intimate ceremony was such a beautiful celebration of their love and commitment to one another. 
After having to cancel their destination wedding, they tied the knot at Ninety Acres surrounded by their closest family and friends. 

Today, Melissa & Paul celebrated their first wedding anniversary! 
Congratulations and cheers to many more! 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Melissa + Bradley • Cross Estate Gardens Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Cross Estate Gardens is one of my favorite locations for an engagement session. 
There are so many different types of beautiful flowers there, making it the perfect backdrop for photos.
I loved spending the evening with Melissa and Bradley, getting to know them and their love story. 

How They Met

Melissa and Bradely met in December 2012 in the anatomy lab at Ramapo College. They technically met in June 2011 in summer physics class, but Bradley says Melissa doesn't remember this.

Their First Date

Brad picked Melissa up an hour late because he stopped on the drive over to help a man change his tire in the snow (she teases him that this is a made up story, but knowing him, she says, it's probably true). They got 2 for $20 at Applebee's, then saw the worst movie ever, Movie 43. It was ridiculous, but they laugh at the whole thing now!

The Proposal

As a complete surprise to Melissa, Brad proposed on August 10, 2018, at Sunset Beach in Cape May, NJ. Both of their families were watching from a distance, and beautiful photos were taken. It was perfect!

In their free time, Melissa and Brad love going to the beach, watch TV on their cozy sofa, have dinner together, or go to concerts ('We will again, one day!'- They say).

From Melissa: 'Bradley always sees the bright side of things. He is optimistic, funny, generous, smart, creative, silly, and incredibly handy. Best of all, he is warm and loving to me and everyone around him. He is the greatest partner!'

From Bradley: 'Melissa would go to the ends of the earth for the people she cares about. Her love for her family, both the one she was born into and the one she's marrying into, is both unconditional and second to none. Without her support and affection, I wouldn't be who I am today.'

When asked to describe themselves in one word, Melissa & Brad said: 'We are people pleasers and feel best when making others around us happy... so, thoughtful?'

* * *

After having to postpone their wedding, Melissa + Bradley are finally getting married this weekend! 

Congratulations, Melissa & Bradley!! 
I am so excited to capture your Big Day! 

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Happy Father's Day!

" A father’s tears and fears are unseen, his love is unexpressed, but his care and protection remains as a pillar of strength throughout our lives."
~ Ama H.Vanniarachchy

Happy Father's Day to The Best Dad I could ask for my children (they absolutely adore you, Steve!!!), and to all the amazing fathers out there!
 I would also like to celebrate my dad - this year more than any other! 
It was a rough couple of months after my dad suffered from another heart attack and needed bypass surgery.  Countless amount of phone and video calls, holding back my tears each time we spoke, praying and never losing hope! God is good! 
Words cannot describe how incredibly thankful I am my dad is still with us and doing well. 
Kocham Cię, Tato! 

Happy Father's Day! 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Melissa + Chris • WoodsEdge Farm Wedding • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

 It was the most perfect fall day! 

Melissa and Chris tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony at WoodsEdge Farm, officiated by the bride's older brother. The couple knew the ceremony would be personal and meaningful having it done by someone who knew them and their relationship. 

 They chose to get married under a big oak tree with llama enclosures on either side.  WoodsEdge Farm was the first venue they visited and it just fit their personalities perfectly. 
The couple added another personal touch to their ceremony- tree planting before exchanging vows.  They chose an indoor potted olive tree as a symbol of peace, hope and love and a nod to their dog, Olive.  They collected dirt from their childhood homes and poured them together into the olive tree pot which now sits in their living room as a reminder of their wedding day. 

Their reception was held in the barn at WoodsEdge Farm, a few steps away from their ceremony.
Wood farm tables decorated with greenery, pillar candles and tea lights over delicate lace and sheer table runners in ivory along with blush tones brought a bit of rustic yet elegant vibes to the space. 

Melissa and Chris shared their first dance to Sam Cooke’s “Nothing Can Change This Love”, a quintessential love song with a sweet message.

Congratulations to The Bride & Groom!

Melissa + Chris' wedding was published in Spring/Summer edition 
of Contemporary Weddings Magazine (pages 64, 65 & 66) and on their blog

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Happy Mother's Day!


[muhth-er] noun

one person who does the work of twenty, for free.
See also:  superwoman, saint.

Happy Mother's Day to all the SuperMoms, to my Wonderful Mom-in-law, 
and to my Most Beloved Mom in Poland ❤️

Friday, March 19, 2021

Amanda + Gaston • Bear Brook Valley Wedding • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

 Amanda and Gaston were one of the couples affected by Covid and had to move their wedding date to fall 2020. After an emotional rollercoaster, heartbreak and disappointment, their wait was rewarded with the most beautiful day - weather wise, it was quite the opposite of their cold and gloomy original date!
It was just meant to be!

I must admit, it was nice to be back photographing what felt like 'a normal' wedding day and the masks were the only thing indicating we were still in the midst of a pandemic. 

The couple said: "Bear Brook Valley is a magical place. A beautiful venue tucked away in northwestern New Jersey, with a heart shaped pond, a whimsical forest swing, a gorgeous farmhouse ballroom and a menu made for the foodies we are! From the grounds to each and every detail, Bear Brook Valley is truly a hidden gem. We both fell is love with the beauty and elegance of this venue".

Amanda and Gaston's wedding theme was rustic elegance with soft blush florals and greenery with pops of berries. They love lush open flowers, hydrangeas, roses and soft eucalyptus leaves, and felt that the soft blush linens and the simple teacup candelabras complimented it so well. 

The couple exchanged their own handwritten vows in an emotional ceremony that showed how truly profound and deep, tender and caring their love was for one another. There wasn't a dry eye in sight including mine...

Congratulations to the New Mr. & Mrs. Peralta! 
May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy and happiness!

Amanda & Gaston's wedding was features on New Jersey Bride!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Laura + Adam • Normandy Beach Minimony • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I don't think I could ever get enough of beach ceremonies, sessions, etc.! 
I was so excited when Laura and Adam reached out to me to photograph their minimony on Normandy Beach. 
They, as many other couples affected by Covid, had to reschedule their wedding to a later date but decided to still become Mr. & Mrs. in 2020. 
Surrounded by their closest family and friends, Laura and Adam exchanged their vows in an intimate beach ceremony, and it was absolutely perfect!  
I must say these two know how to have fun together and don't take themselves too seriously! 🙃 
Here is their love story!

How they met

"We met in May 2014 at Three Sheets Saloon in NYC. We were both attending a work-related happy hour event (our companies worked together but Adam was new and we had never met). It was a little rowdy for a work event as we played beer pong together and then kept the night going at a karaoke bar. We totally hit it off and the chemistry was so obvious to all our coworkers. However, Adam forgot to ask for my number, so the next morning he emailed me at work to make his move. The rest is history!"

First date

"Our first date technically was a few nights after we met when Adam invited me over to his apartment to watch Mad Men with his roommates. Not very romantic, so we consider our first date the second time we hung out - We went to a speakeasy, The Blind Barber, for cocktails followed by dinner at a delicious Spanish tapas restaurant in the East Village."

The Proposal

"In September 2018 we were headed to Piermont, NY to what I thought was Adam’s dad’s 60th birthday party. When we arrived, Adam insisted we check out the views of the river quickly before heading inside the restaurant. Piermont is one big pier and it was beautiful. As we walked over to the water I realized there was a gazebo which was all decked out with photos, roses, string lights, and champagne. He popped the question inside the gazebo and then our families came running out from hiding spots to congratulate us! There was no birthday party!"

Favorite things to do together...

"Adam loves cooking and Laura loves eating. We both love cozy nights in (especially these days) and watching true crime documentaries together or playing games while sipping bourbon (him) and wine (her). We love little weekend adventures, trips to the shore, and particularly Cape May."

Laura loves that Adam is very patient, calm, decisive, wise (like super Jeopardy smart), level-headed, caring, and loving. She admires him and says he is her rock. She adds: -"I love that he balances out my crazy."

Adam's favorite thing about Laura is that she is fun-loving, outgoing, incredibly perceptive (she notices everything!), and selfless. She brings out the best parts in him and is his constant cheerleader, always pushing him when he needs it the most. "Best part, she laughs at all of my jokes, no matter how stupid they are."- He adds.

If you could pick one word to describe you as a couple, what would it be?  Cozy

Congratulations, Laura & Adam! 
I am so excited for your big celebration this December! 

Monday, March 1, 2021

Samantha is 9!


I swear I feel like I blinked and she went from a baby to a tween! 
Samantha is mature beyond her age and I often catch myself in disbelief she's only 9!

This past year has been so challenging for all of us and I am so proud of how well she has adjusted to the new reality and has been navigating through all the changes. She became very independent, she can make her own breakfast, wash, dry and fold her own laundry (!!!), and hardly ever asks for help with her school work. 

During the pandemic, Sam started taking acting lessons just for fun but it quickly became apparent how passionate she was about it. She's been taking voice lessons and even had a small concert before Christmas! She is soon to begin in-person acting classes which she is very excited about! She may have squealed a little when she found out! 

Samantha’s dance recital looked a little different last year. There may not have been a big stage, bright lights and an audience to perform in front of but it was just as special! She got to wear her costume, she still got to dance, and she was honored for her 5 years at the West Side Dance Center

2020 was also the year of Sam's First Holy Communion although covid made us wait for this special celebration a few months longer.

She is bossy and sweet, knows what she wants and goes for it (subject to mom & dad's approval ;), she's funny and fun, fearless and tenacious! 

Happy 9th Birthday, Samantha! 
I have no words to describe how proud we are to be your parents! 
We love you more than you will ever know!  

Sunday, February 14, 2021

Melissa + Chris • WoodsEdge Farm Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

This was such a fun session! 
Melissa and Chris chose to have their engagement photos taken at their wedding venue, WoodsEdge Farm in Stockton, New Jersey. It was such a great idea to scout the grounds and practice a few poses before their wedding day. And the best part? Well, we got to hang out with the llamas! 
This totally got me excited for their big day!
Here is their love story and a few of my favorites from their session. 

How they met

'We met in June of 2013 after initially meeting on Tinder. We first met in Manhattan’s East Village at The Cube, a sculpture located in Astor Place and a big landmark that made it easy to find each other. We were having such a great conversation that we walked in circles around the East Village, passing our destination several times.'

The proposal

'On January 19, 2019, we had planned to go into the city to go to the East Village and revisit some of our favorites bars and restaurants from when we were first dating. There was a state of emergency going into effect that night for an impending snowstorm but Chris was adamant that we would be back home before the weather turned so we stuck with our plan. He parked his car in a garage in the East Village and as we walked to the restaurant I thought we were going to, we passed the Cube at Astor Place where we first met and Chris proposed. I was in complete shock and immediately started sobbing happy tears. There were only a handful of people around because of the snowstorm but a stranger on the street shared a couple of photos she took when she realized what was happening. I remember it was so cold but we just kept walking in circles around the East Village like our first date but this time we were calling friends and family to share our good news. '

Melissa & Chris got married in October 2020 at WoodsEdge Farm. 
I cannot wait to share their beautiful wedding day!