Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Laura + Michael • Liberty State Park Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It is probably one of THE BEST views in the world and my definite favorite! 
New York City skyline never disappoints. 
You can imagine my excitement when Laura and Michael chose Liberty State Park for their engagement session. It has the best views of Manhattan!

As they strolled along the waterfront they watched the setting sun reflect on the buildings across The Hudson River. It was just the most perfect backdrop for their engagement photos!

How They Met

Laura and Michael met through friends. One night, Laura decided last minute to meet up for drinks with a few of her coworkers and Michael happened to be there. One of her coworkers grew up with him and even though they had mutual friends, they never crossed paths before that night. It was almost as if they were not meant to meet until the time was right for both of them.
They hardly spoke to each other that night, as Laura recalls, but they both left knowing they wanted to get to know each other more. Their first date was almost a month later and they have been inseparable ever since.

How He Proposed

Laura had always mentioned to Michael that she wanted something low key. She is not a huge fan of attention and would prefer the moment to be just the two of them. But, this is not how it happened.

From Laura: "We went to San Diego to visit my brother during Thanksgiving break. I also have family in LA so I thought it would be a nice trip for us to take. The week leading up to us leaving, Mike started to act a little weird so I had a feeling something was up. My suspicions only grew when my sister surprised me by saying she too was going to be coming on the trip. Of course at this point I assumed this meant Mike was going to propose. On the trip, every time he and I were alone my heart would stop and I would think oh god this is it. However, it never happened.
    The last night my sister was there, we decided to all go out to this beautiful restaurant in Coronado, San Diego. The restaurant was right on the water and had views of the city, it was absolutely gorgeous. Since I had always said I wanted the proposal to be simple, I did not expect it to happen there and since it was my sister’s last night, I figured I was wrong about him proposing on the trip. At this point I really didn’t think it was going to happen so I even made a comment while we were walking to the table that because the place was so beautiful, IF Mike proposed that night I might actually say yes. Little did I know, that was actually his plan.
    After we finished eating dinner, someone mentioned the beautiful view which caused me to turn to look at it. When I turned back around, there was Mike on one knee asking me to marry him. I was completely caught off guard! Looking back I am so happy he did it this way, I love that it was at a moment when I least expected it, it makes the story even more memorable."

Laura and Michael are going to tie the knot this Sunday, October 14th!