Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!!

The gift of love. 
The gift of peace.
The gift of happiness. 
May all these be yours at Christmas!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from The de Myers!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Jack is 6!!

I swear I blinked and he turned 6! 
I feel like Jack has grown so much since my writing his birthday post a year ago!
So many milestones, so many new experiences!

One of the biggest changes for Jack must have been starting kindergarten this September. I'm not going to lie I was nervous- Is he going to like it? How is he going to adjust to the new school, going on the bus, making new friends, etc. I was worried but all that was gone the moment he stepped off that bus on his first day, all smiles and excited to go back the next morning! 
Plus, I think having his big sister there must have given him some sense of comfort (and to us, too 😳)

He loves learning and is always excited to share his new knowledge with us. He's discovering how fun reading by himself can be. Legos are still his favorite toy, and he is now into building city skylines and famous landmarks! Future architect, perhaps? 

Jack grew like a weed this summer! None of his pants were long enough when it was time to dig out those jeans in the fall! He must be taking after his daddy (standing 6'5 tall!)

He may be 6 but he's still my little boy, he always will be! He may wipe off my kisses at times but he still crawls onto our lap and gives the best hugs! 
Jack is such a sweet boy and I just wish the time could slow down a little...

Happy Birthday, Jack!!!

Here are a few moments from this past year :)

Family photos by my dear friend, Debbie ❤️

Monday, December 16, 2019

Katie + John • New York City Engagement • New Jersey/New York Wedding Photographer

Going to New York City is always such a treat! Especially when it involves a couple in love and sunset on the East River! 
I met with Katie and John in their NYC neighborhood and we took a stroll around nearby Carl Schurz Park and along the river. The day could not have been more perfect! I loved spending an afternoon getting to know them, their love story, and plans for their honeymoon and spending their first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. in Paris!!!
They are seriously taking romance to the next level!!

Here is Katie and John's love story:


"We met at a Friendsgiving fundraiser at the New York Common Pantry (a local food pantry) in November 2016. Living eight blocks apart on the Upper East Side, we did not know each other but our dear friend Emma had plans for us. For months prior to us meeting and without our knowledge, Emma would try to get us in the same place at the same time. As busy New Yorkers, this is more difficult than it sounds! Finally, Emma knew Katie was attending Eve Michael's Friendsgiving fundraiser for the New York Common Pantry and encouraged John to come and support a good cause. A few weeks later, Katie walked into the event and immediately noticed John while he was mingling with Emma and her boyfriend Eli, who is one of John's oldest friends. They were enjoying cocktails with a larger group and Katie thought John was really handsome, but assumed he must be there with somebody. Katie subtly looked around as she sipped her wine and realized she was in luck - he was there alone! Katie saved John a seat at the dinner table and they hit it off. After a nightcap at Bar Coastal with Emma and Eli, John asked for Katie's number and as they say, the rest is history!"


"Our first date was drinks and dinner at a tapas bar called Pio Pio on the Upper East Side. We had a blast getting to know each other over delicious food and wine. We fit the date in after work on the Monday night before John went home for Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, John proposed a second date on a Saturday. The Friday afternoon before the date, John texted Katie, "Can I call an audible for tomorrow?" Katie responded "Sure! But what's an audible?". John said "That's adorable. Can I pick you up earlier tomorrow?" Katie said of course. This was the first of many surprises John had for Katie in their relationship. John picked Katie up that Saturday at her apartment, not telling her where they were going. They got in a cab to the 34th street ferry station. We got on a ferry to Brooklyn. Turns out John wanted to start the date earlier so they could catch the sunset as they walked across the Brooklyn Bridge back to New York City. Katie melted. Once they got back to Manhattan, they had a drink in the South Street Seaport, followed by dinner in the Upper East Side. After that date, Katie walked away feeling warmer when she spent time with John and she knew this had a future!"


"John asked Katie to marry him on vacation in St. John on December 20th - exactly a year before we get married! John's coworker and good friend is from St. John. When we decided we wanted to do a vacation just the two of us in 2018, Kaitlyn encouraged us to explore her home! We thought St. John was the perfect escape. The day we got engaged, Kaitlyn and her friend Cynthia showed us ALL around the island. We were so busy that Katie had no clue that later that day, John would propose. All three of them convinced Katie that wine and cheese on the beach at sunset was a popular thing for the locals to do. That sounded like heaven to Katie! John suggested they do that at Trunk Bay Beach, the most beautiful beach on the island. Per Kaitlyn's suggestion, John hired Cynthia's sister Sarah to take photos of the engagement. It was all so perfect - a moment we will never forget!"

Katie and John love to cook at home and host their family and friends at their apartment for dinners and watching Ravens games. They also love to explore new restaurants and places, and love to travel. Their guilty pleasure is watching all the Bravo shows!


"I love his spirit, his energy and how he makes everyone feel at ease, especially me. I love how he loves me for exactly who I am and has made me a better person, who is even more comfortable in my own skin three years since meeting him."


"Katie is the most positive person I have ever met in my life. She keeps our boat moving forward with her positive attitude and the way she approaches life. Hardworking, selfless and a willingness to commit to what she values are just some of the things I admire about her. It doesn't matter what's happening in our life or had bad things may seem; I have never seen her flinch and I know she'll never give up. Her attitude and the way she approaches life have not only made me a better person but it has allowed me to step back and reevaluate how I see the world."


"We couldn't pick just one...so here are a few! enthusiastic - hopeful - committed - merry"

Congratulations, Katie and John! 
I am so excited to photograph your wedding in just a few short days! 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Nicole + Michael • Central Park NYC Engagement • New York/New Jersey Wedding Photographer

If you know me you know how much I love New York City! I will use any excuse to cross the bridge but especially to capture two people in love!
I met with Nicole and Michael in New York's Central Park on Saturday morning and we took a stroll around Bethesda Terrace,  danced on the Bow Bridge and found the perfect rock to pose on that overlooks The Lake and Manhattan skyscrapers.

Here is Nicole and Michael's love story:


"We are a tinder success story! Lol
We actually connected on tinder back in 2013 but the timing wasn't right so we didn't end up meeting until 2015."


"For our first date we went to Italian restaurant Pavesi in Morristown. Food was delicious and we had great conversation getting to know each other a little better.
At the end of the night Mike drove me home and, as the gentleman he is, asked for a kiss goodnight and the rest is history!"


"The morning of Mike set up notes all around our apartment. Each note led me to the next one and they were all filled with memories from our last 4 years together. The last note led me to the bedroom where Mike set up flowers with one last note and he popped the question!
To celebrate, we went into NYC for a nice lunch and ended our night at Pravesi in Morristown where it all started. :) 
Mike proposed to me on our 4 year anniversary. I had a feeling it was coming at some point this year but I didn’t expect it on that day!"

Nicole and Michael love to travel together and binge watch shows on Netflix :)


"One of my many favorite things about Mike is his sense of humor. I love how goofy we can be together and how much we laugh together. 
But what I really love the most is how genuine, kindhearted and caring he is. I know that he will always support me 100%, I can depend on him for anything and at the end of the day he always wants to make sure I am happy. His stunning good looks are a plus too 😉"


"There is not one thing I love most about Nicole because she is perfect in every way. She is my perfect match and I am incredibly lucky to have found her.
She is beautiful, smart, funny, loving, thoughtful, talented, athletic, and has the perfect smile with the figure to back it up. Nicole checks all the boxes for things I was looking for in a woman but the overall connection we have is what made me fall in love with her. I am very fortunate to have found Nicole and excited for our life together."

One word to describe you as a couple - Unbreakable

Congratulations, Nicole & Michael!
 I am so excited to be part of your wedding day next August!!!