Friday, May 31, 2019

Nichole + Jorge • Bryant Park Engagement • New York Wedding Photographer

Ahh, I was so excited about Nichole and Jorge's engagement session!
For so many reasons! A couple in love, a sunny spring morning, and, for one, a visit to New York City!
Now, that's hard to pass up!

I met with Nichole and Jorge in Bryant Park in late April while tulips were in bloom. Nichole's office is located nearby, and she had this specific time of year in mind for the engagement photos so we could capture these gorgeous flowers.

It was such a beautiful day! The weather was just perfect to spend some time in the park and to walk over to The New York Public Library for a few photos on its iconic steps.

H o w  T h e y  M e t

"We met at work back in 2011. We both worked in the same building and Nichole would join Jorge's lunch group from time to time. We had both moved on to other areas of the company and to different buildings when we reconnected in the fall of 2012 and decided to go on our first date."

F i r s t  D a t e

"Our first date was at a bar near our office at the time. We are both very competitive and played several rounds of darts and pool there. We enjoyed a few drinks as we got to know each other. This bar also had trivia night. In the beginning of our relationship we would meet up for weekly trivia as an excuse to see each other, although we were never any good at it."

T h e  P r o p o s a l

"We were in St. Thomas on vacation when Jorge proposed. The setting was picture perfect. We were dining at a Waterfront restaurant and we arrived just as the sun was setting. As we were finishing up one of the best meals of our trip (the food was amazing!) when Jorge got down on one knee to pop the question. Nichole was ecstatic and began to cry. The restaurant owner came out with champagne and sparklers to help us celebrate this special moment."

* * *

Both being big foodies, Nichole and Jorge love trying new restaurants and cuisines in their free time. There is nothing like good food, a bottle of wine, and of course each other's company, after a long week at work.

Jorge's kindhearted nature is what Nichole loves the most about him. No matter the situation he always knows what to say and how to handle it. Whether it's comforting Nichole after a stressful day, grabbing some takeout after work, or just making her laugh, he always manages to make her feel special.

Jorge loves the way she looks at him. Every time he looks into Nichole's eyes, he can see that there's a sparkle there that she has when she looks at him. No matter how sick, tired, or upset she is with him. He knows deep down there what they have is special... true love. Looking into her eyes is a constant reminder of how lucky he is to have a bond as special as what they have.

As a couple, Nichole and Jorge describe themselves as easy-going: "Whether we're playing sports, enjoying drinks, or just lounging around and watching Netflix we always manage to have a good time and enjoy each other's company."

Congratulations, Nichole + Jorge!
I cannot wait to capture your big day next April!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother's Day!

"When you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know." 
~ Mitch Alborn

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mamas out there! 

And to The Best Mom in the world! I aspire to be like you!
I love you, Mom!
Kocham Cię, Mamo!