Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Desirée + Thomas • New Jersey Botanical Gardens Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Desirée and Thomas' engagement session was truly magical! 
They chose The New Jersey Botanical Gardens and The Skylands Manor for the location and it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to!  
The golden hour added extra magic to this stunning backdrop.


'We were very young when we first met (he was 17 & I was 16) and we met once before we “officially” met. The very first time was complete accident. We were both at a skate park in Brooklyn. I was there for a friend, and he was there riding his bike. He asked me for a scrunchie. And I thought his hair was a wig because it was so long. That was the most of our exchange. Then over a year later we met through mutual friends at a shopping mall. I was there shopping and he was there to be matched up with my sister’s friend. However, we hit it off and didn’t realize he was the guy on the bike and I was the scrunchie girl until later on.'


'Our first date was simple. We were teenagers with nothing to do so he took me to the Aquarium and then to McDonalds afterwards. We still joke about the McDonalds to this day. And he took me back to the Aquarium to propose.'


'Thomas lied to me and said he had 2 tickets to the Aquarium that his job gave him for free. So he said, let’s go and then afterwards let’s go out to dinner in the city for your birthday. On the way to the Aquarium I knew because there is no reason for two adults to go back to that small Aquarium that we haven’t been to since our first date!'

Desirée and Thomas love watching TV and long car rides, walking the dog, hiking, snowboarding, horseback riding and talking about their future.

Desirée says she has always wanted a friend who was as active and brave as she is. Thomas will do things that he's never done before like ride a horse and will be able to keep up with her. He also has a much calmer nature that balances hers.
Thomas loves Desirée's bubbly personality. She is always full of energy and can liven up any room with her fun and loving spirit.

They describe themselves as adventurous.

Congratulations, Desirée and Thomas!!! 
I am so excited to capture your top-of-a-mountain wedding next summer! 

Friday, August 2, 2019

Giulina + Chris • The Park Savoy Wedding • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

It was such a beautiful day! 
Giuliana and Chris tied the knot at The Park Savoy last summer. Every detail of their day was simply stunning!
I absolutely loved Giuliana's bridesmaids' sequins dresses and the red gerbera daisies that added a pop of color to her bouquet.

I had the pleasure of capturing their day alongside Brielle Kaschak Photography.