Wednesday, September 19, 2012

What I Wore To Meet Rachel...

Rachel Zoe, of course!

Dark magenta dress by Rachel Zoe, black stilettos by Christian Louboutin, watch by Michael Kors, bracelets by Tiffany & Co. and H&M, necklaces by Forever 21, nail polish by American Apparel.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rachel Zoe Fashion Show

It was an amazing show!

From flowing maxi dresses and loose pantsuits to tailored jackets, silk caftans and mini dresses Rachel Zoe Spring 2013 collection was inspired by the effortless style of Jane Birkin and Talitha Getty as well as 1960's and 70's bohemian glam.
Color palette included black and white, turquoise, terra-cotta, cream and blush rose.

American Express presented Rachel Zoe's runway show exclusively to its cardmembers last Thursday at Lincoln Center as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was coming to a close.

But before the show began, Rachel and her close friend Prabal Gurung treated the audience to a casual Q & A.

Here are the best bits of their chat.  ~(

  • On how she handpicked Prabal as her host for the event: "They asked me who I wanted to host, and I was like, 'Prabal.' And then they said, 'OK, and if he can't do it?' And I was like, 'Prabal!' There was no second choice. He was my only option."
  • On her first styling client: "He was this eight-year-old boy, a family friend who literally wore Adidas tracksuits every single day—no offense, I love Adidas. And I went over to his house and lay out a week's worth of complete, head-to-toe outfits for him!"
  • On occasional career fatigue: "There are days when I turn to my husband Rodger and am just, like, 'Ican't.' And he just says, 'You have to, because your name's on it.'"
  • On traveling with one-year-old son Skyler: "I am so lucky to be able to travel everywhere with him. Not all mothers have that luxury."
  • On Prabal's politeness: "He writes the nicest, sweetest emails. They make me cry sometimes!"
  • On gleaning inspiration: "I wish I could be one of those designers who [is] like, 'I went to Morocco, to the most remote part of the country, and designed a 40-piece collection based on the hue of this one little bead I found.' But I'm not that person."
  • On overseeing every aspect of her collections: "A lot of times, designers bring in stylists just for that outside perspective. For me, because I do the design and the styling, sometimes I'll look at something and be like, 'Oh, that's just awful.' I style every single look a minimum of four times."
  • On the hazards of sending samples down the runway: "Sometimes when protos come in and they're not ready for production, things can break—heels, sleeves—like, while they're on the models!"
  • On pre-show nerves: "All the designers I know in this business—and we're talking the top people in the industry—are terrified up until the moment their show starts."
  • On where she sees herself in five years: "Well, I hope that Sky Sky has a sibling! Other than that, as long as it involves a little beach and a lot of family time, I'll be good."  

Oh, what a night, indeed!