Saturday, November 2, 2019

Jackie + Matt • Cross Estate Gardens Engagement • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I first met Jackie and Matt at a mock wedding styled shoot back in August - a summer soirée that a few of Morristown creatives and I were part of. They were our 'real couple' - their actual wedding is next June :)

Jackie and Matt were so natural in front of the camera that I was dying to photograph them again! Fast forward a few weeks and my wish came true!!!! 

They reached out to me to photograph their engagement session and chose Cross Estate Gardens for the location - a favorite of mine! ! I must have squealed with excitement! 

I cannot even describe how much I enjoyed being around them and seeing their love for one another, so effortless and so genuine. Happiness seems to emanate from them. 
At times I felt like an intruder (lol) while capturing their cozy little moments. 

Their love story is as beautiful as they are! The way they speak about each other made me choke up a little, it is filled with so much love and tenderness!


"We met during our sophomore year of college at a party in 2011. Matt impressed Jackie by doing pull ups :) We talked all night and became friends. After a few weeks, Matt told Jackie he wanted to be more than friends or nothing at all. While it sounds like a tough ultimatum, it was an easy decision for Jackie."


"We were moving into our first apartment together. On the day we got the keys, Matt went to the apartment early and planted a note next to the welcome basket from our leasing office. When we went back to the apartment together later on (Jackie under the assumption this was the first time stepping into our new home), Jackie opened the note and read aloud “Turn around!” When she did, Matt was on his knee. It is our first memory in our first home together."


"So many things.. Matt has the ability to make me feel at ease no matter the situation. He is so strong, calm and smart and I know he will be an amazing husband (and father) because I can lean on him whenever things are tough or if I just need someone. He makes me laugh with the smallest of comments or jokes and I truly am always happy when I am around him. His drive to be the best version of himself in every aspect of his life (work, family, friendships) is unmatched. I feel like this is getting long so to wrap it up - Matt is the best man I've ever known, I'm so lucky to be his."


"I love so many things about Jackie and I always struggle with this question because I don’t look at love as something that is necessarily describable. I know I love Jackie deep in my bones. She has made me a happier, more giving, more caring person and having her in my life has given me the ability to get some clarity as to what my main goals are in life. Whenever I am feeling stressed or putting pressure on myself, Jackie is there to calm me down. Jackie is the kindest person I have ever met and she cares for everyone she interacts with. Her second nature is to be genuine and kind to others. Seeing her as an example day in and day out keeps me grounded. Without Jackie in my life I would be lost and that is all I need to know."


We broke up a couple times since we first began dating but we always found ourselves making our way back to each other. We once joked that we were like boomerangs, always finding their way back. We now have boomerang key chains that we each carry (it's kind of our thing)."

Congratulations, Jackie & Matt!
May your love for each other only strengthen as time goes by!