Monday, July 15, 2019

Aleksandra + Mark • Summer Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Out of all the engagement sessions this one is by far the most special! 
Two of my dear friends are getting married!!! 

Aleksandra and I go waaaaay back! I met her sister, Aneta, at the airport while we both were coming to the US from Poland almost two decades ago! Aneta and I have been friends ever since. 
Aleksandra visited her sister a few times and eventually moved to New Jersey to attend St. Elizabeth College. 
I met Mark at a Polish church I used to go to. 
He became part of our circle of friends and eventually met his future wife :) 

~ Here is their story ~


We initially met in Poland in 2007 at my sister’s wedding! Then we reconnected in 2016 when we had our first date.


"We casually went out to Morristown for a drink. This was the first time we talked about our hobbies and interests. We found out that we have so much in common! We both love animals and the outdoors. We actually ended up going hiking on our second date!


"It was a total surprise! I was making dinner, Mark came home from work and all of a sudden I see our dog Zuma running around with a bandana that says “will you marry my daddy”! Then he and Adrian (his son) went on one knee and said that they can’t imagine their lives without me and that they love me very much!! So sweet!!


"Mostly watching Netflix on the couch as a family! We love Friday movie nights! We also love hiking and walking our dogs Zuma and Diesel! And we love eating yummy food!

Aleksandra loves how caring and loving Mark is. 
And Mark loves the beautiful person she is, inside and out!

 When asked what word describes them as a couple, they said 'hygge' which is a Danish word for a quality of coziness that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.

Congratulations, Aleksandra & Mark! 
I could not be happier and more excited for you both! 
And I cannot wait to celebrate with you next year in Poland!!

Hair + Makeup by me 😊