Thursday, March 7, 2019

Katie + Tim • Brooklyn Engagement Session • New York Wedding Photographer

Oh my, did I love photographing Katie and Tim! They were so natural in front of the camera and there were so many genuine smiles and poses I felt like I was a paparazzo following two love birds on a date ;-)

It was my first time shooting in Dumbo and I absolutely loved all the views, cobblestone streets, jetties, and I enjoyed exploring cute little corners and hidden spots in this unique part of Brooklyn with Katie and Tim.


Katie and Tim met in May 2013 through and online dating website. They both lived in Brooklyn at the time. Their first date was at a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn, where they ate and chatted for hours.


From the Couple: 
'It was the day after the NYC Marathon 2017. Timothy woke up at 6am with the excuse that his "legs hurt" and wanted to go walk around Central Park. It has become our tradition that we take the day after the marathon off from work to roam around NYC and relax. So, by 6:30am, we were walking into Central Park. We should mention that Timothy asked no less than 3 times if we should stop to get a snack or a coffee because Katlynn, without fail, is "starving" pretty much all the time. Due to the weather being less than ideal and misting with rain, we had the majority of the park to ourselves when we came upon Bow Bridge. Katlynn was taking pictures when she was tapped on the shoulder and annoyingly yelled "WHAT!" Annoyingly, because by this point (30 minutes after entering the park) her "hanger" was full blown and the only snack she had found in her purse was a pack of golden raisins. She turned around to find Timothy on one knee. To this day, we cannot see golden raisins and keep a straight face.'

In their free time, Katie and Tim enjoy trying new restaurants and craft breweries and have a passion for traveling.
Katie loves Tim's drive and ambition which inspire her to be a better person and to never lose sight of her goals, personal and professional.
Tim loves Katie's fun personality and how he is able to be completely open and silly with her, and not have to take everything too seriously.

I am so excited to photograph their wedding this September!
Congratulations, Katie + Tim!