Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Nicole + Tim • New Jersey Botanical Garden Engagement


I was so excited to photograph Nicole and Tim's engagement session at New Jersey Botanical Garden last fall. The soft, warm light of the setting sun and the garden's natural beauty provided the perfect canvas for capturing their love story.

We made our way through the park's winding paths, stopping at various spots to capture the perfect shots. Nicole and Tim's chemistry was evident in every moment we spent together. They were playful, affectionate, and clearly deeply in love. I enjoyed capturing the little moments between them, the way they looked at each other, the way they laughed together, and the way they held each other close.

We took advantage of the golden hour lighting, which cast a warm, romantic glow over the entire scene. The soft, diffused light was so beautiful and we made sure to take advantage of every moment before the sun disappeared over the horizon.

How They Met
"We met through a set-up from a friend in NYC. Tim lived with one of Nicole's best friends from college, and she knew we'd be a perfect match! She tricked us into meeting at a Super Bowl party in 2017."

First Date
For their first date, Tim took Nicole out to dinner in the city. Wanting to extend the night, they went out to a bar after where they had many laughs and both felt a definite spark.

The Proposal
"Tim proposed this past July while we were away on vacation in Cancun. After the stress of traveling with the ring in secret, Tim proposed on the second night of our trip, overlooking the resort and ocean from our balcony. We celebrated with a romantic dinner, lots of champagne, and a week's worth of beach/sun! Leading up to the engagement, we had a wonderful time working together to design the ring, which holds great sentimental value, as it contains some accent diamonds from Nicole's grandmother's rings. 

From Nicole: "Tim is the most wonderful man I know. I love his kind, caring and understanding heart. He is incredibly thoughtful and will forever make me smile."

From Tim: "Nicole is extraordinarily kind and understanding. She can make me and others smile and laugh with her lively personality and amusing stories. I love her endearing passion for family and friends."

Nicole and Tim say they are both planners and and look at their life together as a partnership. They balance each other out perfectly with Nicole's more bubbly personality and Tim's more calming demeanor. 

Favorite Things
"We love to be outdoors, such as, at the beach, hiking, by the pool and going for walks. We enjoy good food - going out to eat, trying new restaurants and cooking at home together. Our family and friends are very important to us both, and we love spending time with them together. Heading into the Fall season, we're excited for some pumpkin picking, beautiful Fall foliage and apple cider donuts!"

"Our Cancun engagement vacation was our favorite trip as a couple! We also love to go to Cape Cod almost every summer. Nicole also studied abroad in Florence and was able to tour around Europe in college."

Congratulations, Nicole & Tim!
I am so excited for your wedding this fall!