Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Rachel + Dave • Cherry Blossom Engagement Session • New Jersey Wedding Photographer

I am so happy that Rachel and Dave chose to have their engagement session during the cherry blossom season! 
Nothing says romance quite like these gorgeous pink blooms! They are simply magical!
Rachel and Dave's pup, Stanley, joined them for a few photos!

How They Met

Rachel and Dave met on in 2013. They were both about to cancel their subscription but found each other just in time. They chatted back and then one date turned to two and many more. 

The Proposal

'Dave proposed in October 2017 on Friday the 13th. He was home and prepping for the big moment. I worked later than expected and it had been a long week. I called Dave to discuss plans for dinner and he told me he wasn't in the mood to do anything. I was pretty frustrated when I got home because I was looking forward to going out and relaxing. 
As soon as I got home he greeted me at the door and told me he had put some mums he had purchased from a work fundraiser in the back on the house. I looked at him confused and rolled my eyes, thinking why in the world would you put them in the back where no one would see them?!
We headed to our sunroom and out to our deck that overlooks a beautiful golf course. 
Dave then got down on one knee and proposed.' 

Rachel and Dave are getting married this June and I am super excited to capture their wedding day!