Monday, March 1, 2021

Samantha is 9!


I swear I feel like I blinked and she went from a baby to a tween! 
Samantha is mature beyond her age and I often catch myself in disbelief she's only 9!

This past year has been so challenging for all of us and I am so proud of how well she has adjusted to the new reality and has been navigating through all the changes. She became very independent, she can make her own breakfast, wash, dry and fold her own laundry (!!!), and hardly ever asks for help with her school work. 

During the pandemic, Sam started taking acting lessons just for fun but it quickly became apparent how passionate she was about it. She's been taking voice lessons and even had a small concert before Christmas! She is soon to begin in-person acting classes which she is very excited about! She may have squealed a little when she found out! 

Samantha’s dance recital looked a little different last year. There may not have been a big stage, bright lights and an audience to perform in front of but it was just as special! She got to wear her costume, she still got to dance, and she was honored for her 5 years at the West Side Dance Center

2020 was also the year of Sam's First Holy Communion although covid made us wait for this special celebration a few months longer.

She is bossy and sweet, knows what she wants and goes for it (subject to mom & dad's approval ;), she's funny and fun, fearless and tenacious! 

Happy 9th Birthday, Samantha! 
I have no words to describe how proud we are to be your parents! 
We love you more than you will ever know!