Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Samantha is 10!

One decade ago our life changed in the most wonderful way!
Steve and I became parents to a beautiful baby girl. 
Long awaited, she was finally here! We could finally hold her in our arms!
Nothing else existed in that moment!
She made me a mother! She made Steve a father! 

It's hard to believe our baby girl is no longer a baby :(
As she enters double digits (as she calls it), we are so proud of the person she has become. Independent and so mature, she would live on her own if she could ;)

She's still so sweet and kind, Samantha made us so proud when we heard how helpful she was towards her classmates, always ready to jump in when someone did not quite get that last math equation. "It's like having an assistant"- as her teacher described it. 

She decided she no longer wanted to dance (after 6 years), and instead started to play tennis. 
Not a bad trade off ;)

Her love of singing and acting continues with three concerts and two musical theater performances under her belt! Where does she get the courage from, I have no clue! (Steve, perhaps?)

And today, Samantha turns 10!!! 
One amazing decade! She brings so much joy into our life and we feel so blessed to be her parents!
We are so excited to see what the future holds for her! 

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! 
Hope it's The Best One yet!

Here are a few photos from our recent birthday session, and a few from her past year...

Spring 2021

"Oliver" at Mayo Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ

Samantha's dance recital

Last day of school 

Jack's Half Birthday Party

Fourth of July 2021

The de Myers' annual trip to Avalon, NJ

First day of school

Family photos

Halloween 2021


Christmas concert in Connecticut

Ms. Phoebe, Samantha's voice coach

Jack's 8th Birthday

Christmas 2021

Middle part... trying something new

"Beauty & The Beast" performance at Mayo Performing Arts Center